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Hoang Lan

Photo of Hoang Lan

Hoang Lan's real name is Nguyen Linh Phuong. Her mother is the famous singer Kim Tuyen. Although Hoang Lan came from a musical family, unlike many children with the same background, Hoang Lan's mother did not encourage her to pursue singing as a career.

Hoang Lan and her family came to the United States in 1989. Although she claimed to never receive any musical training prior to going pro, Hoang Lan won many fans in her first public appearance in Thuy Nga 34. Her fan base steadily grew as she appeared in Thuy Nga's subsequent videos (35-38).

Hoang Lan said that although she found success through her exposure from Thuy Nga's production, she owes her start to Tuan Dat, who introduced her to Nhac Tinh Productions, where she first appeared in a CD titled La Dieu Bong.

Hoang Lan found a niche in singing romantic ballads, que huong music, and music that bring about feelings of nostalgia. Thuy Nga Productions recently released three CD titles where Hoang Lan appeared with The Son - Tim Nhau Trong Ky Niem, with The Son and My Huyen - Lien Khu Cha Cha Cha, and singing solo in Qua Con Me.