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Luu Bich

Photo of Luu Bich

Luu Bich has been in the eyes of the public for many years. She was brought up in a family of artists and performers. While her siblings - Tuan Ngoc, Khanh Ha, Anh Tu & Thuy Anh - were already famous, Luu Bich was still a child. At that time, she had no concept of music. Even when she was settled in the United States, Luu Bich did not consider in becoming a singer.

With encouragement from her brothers & sisters, especially under Khanh Ha's guidance, she began to enter the career that made her family famous. Luu Bich started to travel on tour with the Uptight in 1983 - 1984. However, fame seemed to elude her at the beginning where she had yet to make a name for herself. In the early days, Luu Bich was the principal keyboardist and background singer for the band. The audience rarely saw her in action until the last few years. Then, she resurfaced. This time around, success embraces her wholeheartedly.

Her appearances in several Paris by Night videos as well as many successful CDs earned her a solid spot in the Vietnamese music industry. She recorded several CDs with To Chan Phong and Lan Anh under Khanh Ha Productions. Her recent solo discs "Hay noi yeu em dem nay" in which she wrote the title track and "Khi Tinh Bay Xa" were very well received by listeners. As she has matured both as a lovely young woman and as a talented vocalist, there is no doubt that Luu Bich's career will continue to explode ahead .