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Senior Project

Inventory Software System

  1. Stores products information from different distributors' catalogs in a single database.
  2. Tracks warehouse inventory.
  3. Reminds user to reorder products that are below a set quantity.
  4. Compares and displays prices for different distributors' selling the same product. The system shows the products in order of price (cheapest first).
  5. Creates and prints order reports. Individual order reports are created for each distributor.
  6. Allows checking of retail and purchase prices using a scanner and barcodes.
  7. Allows updates to products' prices and quantities.

  8. Download   Inventory Software System

Employees Time Keeping Project

  1. Add new employees.
    • Request the employee's information.
    • Employee asign his or her own password.
    • Display each employee's infromation.
  2. Log in and out.
    • Employee's password must be entered for log in.
    • Display his or her information and time starting to work.
    • Employee's password must be entered for log out.
    • Display his or her information and time leaving from work.
    • Display his or her information, time in/out, and total worked hours.
  3. Manager
    • Manager asigns his or her own password.
    • Search employees' inforamtion.
    • Display employees' information, time in/out, total worked hours, and salaries.
    • Print output
    Download   Employees Time Keeping

    Airline Reservation Project

    1. Add a passenger to the flight or waitng list.
      • Request the passenger's name.
      • Display a chart of the seats in the airplane.
      • If seat are available, let the passenger choose aseat. Add the passenger to the seating chart.
      • If no seats are available, place the passenger on the waiting list.
    2. Remove a passenger from the flight.
      • Request the passenger's name.
      • Search the seating chart for the passenger's name and delete it.
      • If the waiting list is not empty, remove the first person from the list, and five him or her the newly vacated seat.
      Download   Airline Reservation

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