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Shayla Shayla Chau Dinh is the offspring of Thanh Tuyen, one of Vietnam's premiere singer in the 60's and 70's. Her aunt is Son Tuyen, who in recent years has also become a well known name in the Vietnamese music industry. Being from a family of such musical talents, it's of little surprise that Shayla is being groomed to be the next generation of artist from this lineage. Born in 1975, Shayla came to the United States 3 years later with her family and settled in Houston, Texas.

Shayla's first stage appearance was in Australia where she performed in front of an audience of 2,000 people. According to Shayla, she was not ready for the business so she dropped out not to return for three years. During that self- searching period between that fateful day in Australia and when she was rediscovered by Mr. Truc Ho of Asia Production, Shayla traveled around the country and went to school to become a teacher. She started to sing professionally after signing an exclusive contract with Asia Production.

Shayla is slowly building a name for herself in the Vietnamese music industry. However, she also has sight on becoming more active in the creative side of the industry. Currently, Shayla is writing lyrics and defining her style in an often maligned industry where artists are accused of being too one dimensional. Shayla says she loves to write letter, eat vietnamese food (canh), going to clubs and dance the night away. She loves performing on stage, even though she still gets butterflies. Shayla's motto is "live life to its fullest and be yourself and love yourself".

In the relatively short time that Shayla has been in the industry, she has appeared in many concerts throughout the U.S. She has appeared in Asia's music videos as well as staying active in the recording scene. Shayla has recently released a solo CD titled Dance Music with Asia Entertainment.