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Thanh Tuyen
Photo of Thanh Tuyen

Thanh Tuyen's real name is Nguyen Nhu Mai. She was born on October 29 in Dalat. Her family moved to Saigon where she attended Bui Thi Xuan and Le Van Duyet high school. Thanh Tuyen's famous sibling is Son Tuyen. She is also Shayla's mom. In 1979, Thanh Tuyen's family came to the United States and settled in Washington and then Houston, Texas.

As a child, Thanh Tuyen demonstrated a nack for singing and performance. At the age of five, against the wishes of her parents, she studied music with an uncle. Consequently, she was often disciplined for being so defiant. She later studied music under Mr. Manh Phat. She first sang publicly at Thong Nhat Theater in Saigon at the age of 7. She received many praises for this performance and the newspapers at the time gave her the title, "Nhu Mai The Prodigy". In her words, "I only wanted to have a voice like the sound of a stream to bathe the masses". Thanh Tuyen also plays the guitar, dances, acts, and sings Co^?.

In 1964, after signing an exclusive contract with Continental studio, she recorded the hit Chie^`u Mu+a Bie^n Gio+'i by Mr. Nguyen Van Dong. Almost overnight, Thanh Tuyen became a household name. That same year, she received recording awards from South Vietnam's recording industry.

When asked about her source of influence, Thanh Tuyen states that she really does not model after any artist or style. In fact, she just sings the way she feels. She claims that when she performs, the music and her emotions become one. Although she added that she does choose her music carefully to meet the demand of her audience.

After 30 years in show business, Thanh Tuyen has countless stories from her years on the road singing to entertain the troops, singing at night clubs, on stages from central to south Vietnam, as well as in various parts of the United States and the world. She added that "each of the performances brings back a special memory that is forever inscribed in her heart, and that she feels the love in her audience on each of those occasions". Her three most memorable songs are No^~i Buo^`n Hoa, Ru+`ng La' Tha^'p and Ha`n Ma.c Tu+?.

Thanh Tuyen often stays in touch with her fans through meetings after her many performances. She is not camera shy and often takes pictures with her fans. Fans can write to her at following address: P.O. BOX 9132, Fountain Valley, CA 92728-9132. In her spare time, she likes to read, studies the Buddhist scriptures, plays tennis, listens to foreign music and to her friends' music. She occasionally surfs the net. As for favorite food, Thanh Tuyen likes all kinds of vegetables and rice.

She is currently working on her latest CD A'o Hoa. She is also taping her video titled Tie^'ng Ha't Thanh Tuye^`n, a collection of work to commemorate her farewell to the stage.

As for the future, upon leaving the life of a performer, Thanh Tuyen wishes to do volunteer work for the needy, spend time to meditate to achieve inner peace, but she added that "this is all contingent on her dissolving debts (responsibilities) to all in her family".